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Performance in a Chamber hall - unnumbered seats  

Saturday / 22nd June, 2019 / 11.00

ticket: PLN 5 zł ; with URBANCARD PREMIUM 20% DISCOUNT
DISCOUNT ONLY FOR CASH PAYMENTS at Centrum Kultury Wrocław-Zachód

The performance Pan Kuleczka; is a theatrical experiment created by a group of puppet actors
called;Green Sun; professionally related to the theater for children. Artists are looking for
alternatives for children to loud cartoons and fast food. They find this alternative through projects
whose aim is to get in touch with the youngest audience, try to communicate with her, exchange
ideas, talk. The performance was created for children, the youngest children to show them the idea
of love, truth and kindness. The simplicity and characteristic poetics of the performance allow you to
develop your imagination. These values, poetics and simplicity are the hallmarks of the group that
creates;Pan Kuleczka/Mr. Ball;.
Pan Kuleczka/ Mr Ball; was directed by Marek Pasieczny and the company, based on the
illustrated book of the same title by Wojciech Widłak, very popular among preschoolers and their
parents. The main character of the books, the title Pan Kuleczka / Mr. Ball is a real father's pattern -
he is good, reliable, knows everything and can even bake an apple pie ... And at the same time he
does not raise his voice, does not drink beer and does not watch TV. Pan Kuleczka/Mr. Ball takes his
children's game – Kaczka Katastrofa and Psa Pypcia , for trips, he can light a campfire and always has
two apples in a backpack for a rainy day. In fact, the described adventures of Lord Kuleczki is a story
about a warm, wise and normal family. This performance will probably appeal to children, but it will
also make adults laugh. These stories are a mine of simple life truths that "sadness escapes from
hugging, like darkness from a lamp, and the family is like a vegetable soup. Kaczka Katastrofa is
boiling with energy, pies Pypeć is rather a type of slow thinker, and yet they can not live without each
other, just like siblings in our homes.

The theatrical company Zielone Słońce: Marta Popławska, Kamil Katolik, Karol Kojkoł
Pan Kuleczka / Mr. Ball written by Wojciech Widłak
Adaptation and scenario: the theatriacal company
Directed by: Marek Piaseczny and company
Sound: Robert Łuczak

Book and buy the tickets online at https://kino.ckwz.art.pl/
In case of booking, please transfer the money at least the next working day


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