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Cinema for the blind and visually impaired? Now it’s possible thanks to audio description. CKWZ is the first and so far the only Polish cultural institution, which takes care of audio description in such a wide specter.

Audio description is a method based on a spoken description which explains whatever happens on the screen that the blind person can’t perceive. The blind and visually impaired get a special device with a headphone thanks to which they can hear the voice of the lector who describes the visuals. It’s common that the lector is also the author of the script, which has to be carefully prepared beforehand so that it does not interfere with others elements of the movie. Audio description can be added to movies, theatre spectacles, exhibitions and sport events.

Having the development and promotion of audio description in mind, CKWZ:

  • shares the audio description scripts for free / list of available scripts / link
  • shares knowledge and experience about audio description / download the booklet / link
  • within projects organizes:
    • Movie screenings with audio description
    • Theatre spectacles with audio description
    • Conferences dedicated to the development and promotion of audio description
    • Workshops of audio description creation
    • Meetings with movie creators that support audio description

Projects dedicated to the development and promotion of audio description:

  • 2012 Excluded from culture
  • 2011 Let’s open the cinemas

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