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Theater play for children

"The fairy tail about the fisherman and a golden fish"

21nd February 2016 / Sunday / 11 a.m. 
Tickets: 12 zl (20 % reduced price with URBANCARD PREMIUM)

The scenario of theater play is based of famous fary tail written by Alexander Pushkin.
"The fairy tail about the fisherman and a golden fish" is a timeless story about human greed, intolerance, humiliation of others. It is universal warning that exuberant ambitions and the pursuit of power can bring to destruction.
The form of performance combined classical dramatic method as well as elements of typical puppet theater: on the scene you will see mechanical puppets with accompaniment of traditional Russian music and on the background of precisely made scenography.

Reservation and selling:
Please, collect reserved ticket till the end of the next working day.

We cordially invite!

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