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The author’s meeting with Wojciech Widłak  
Sunday / 23rd June 2019 / 11.00 / Entry of the invitations available in The Programme Department
at CKWZ)

Wojciech Widłak, an author of book about Pan Kuleczka / Mr. Ball and Wesoły Ryjek / Cheerful
Sniff will be talking with children about what is needed to write a book and where do ideas come
from, how the imagination works. He will be reading the fragments of his books.
After the meeting, you will be able to buy books with an autograph.

Wojciech Widłak - writer, editor. A long-time member of editorial staff of the monthly „Dziecko”, in
which he made his debut as short story teller for childeren. Co-authors of a series of textbooks for
elementary school. He has about twenty books in his portfolio, among others series about Pan
Kuleczka / Mr. Ball (illustrations by Elżbieta Wiasiuczyńska) and about Wesoły Ryjek / Cheerful
Sniff (illustrations by Agnieszka Żelewska).
He received the Big Dong Award and the Literart prize - Guliwer Prize in the Land of the Lilluput

Don’t miss the date! Join us!


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